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      "Without you there is no us" 

Tours and small volunteer events are welcomed on an appointment basis. More information can be found here 

Pearl's Pro Piggy Care Team is the name of our wonderful regular volunteer group who work diligently to ensure the  care of our residents. The minimum commitment is 2 shifts per month and the activities are specific to caring for the residents at the Preserve.

Work Includes :

  • Basic cleaning of animal housing and pens.

  • Changing /re-filling waters

  • Belly Rubs

  • Poop Scooping

  • Fence Repair

  • Construction Tasks as needed 

  • Basic animal medical care tasks/ hooves as needed 

We're always looking for extra assistance with:

  • Fundraising

  • Grant Writing

  • Contractor/Construction Work (Plumbing, electrical, painting, building etc.)

  • Automotive Repair

Open Volunteer Days : 

Follow us on Social Media for the next Open Volunteer Day or reach out at 



Click below for volunteer application to become apart of the Pearl's Pro Piggy Care Team!


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