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Stay with US at Daisy's Den


Coming Spring 2022

Daisy's Den is a studio tiny cottage named after the lone survivor of a former "hobby farm" purchased to house Pearl's Preserve. The cottage will be available for reservation soon! The cottage will feature a full shower, toilet, kitchenette, Serta Queen bed , memory foam futon , TV and Wi-Fi. We can't forget Daisy's favorites...VEGAN SNACKS!

Currently we are on Phase 2 of renovating the cottage : which includes running the water lines to the cottage. We hope to be complete with this by Fall of 2021. 

The last Phase- 3 : will include finishing furnishing, adding cabinets , dining ware, completing the shower/bathroom area.

We look forward to your future visits where you will be able to nap under the stars and next to the best neighbors around....The PIGS! :) 



My name is Daisy...and I am your friend.

I cant wait to meet you!

Daisy is a sassy heritage pig who sometimes smells like bell peppers and sometimes maple syrup. She is gentle, calm and loves to cuddle. As the last remaining survivor of her family it is our mission to advocate for her and all pigs. 

Daisy loves to go on adventures. When building Pearl's Preserve before our move-in she has been known to wander up to the main road and snack on roadside treats. 

She is a kind , noble and friendly girl. We love her and we know you will too!

Help us Save Lives!

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