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Meet our residents and choose your favorite(s)!


Hi my name is Dennis, I was in a neglect situation and will be coming to Pearl's Preserve the fall of 2018. I look forward to all the friends I will be making and the new experiences I will have. Keep a look out for my new bio that will come soon once my new family get to know the real me!


Good day friends, My name is Pumba. I am a country boy who loves to keep things simple! I love long walks in the woods, drinking in wallows and rooting until my heart is content. I am an older fella who enjoys relaxing in the hay. I also love to listen to country music and am known to sing a tune or too. I love good ol fashion vegan cooking...there isnt a vegetable I wont try! OF course if you bring me fruit you will be my favorite! I hope you have a beautiful day and you come vist soon ya hear?

Super Wonder Pig Violet

Well hi there , My name is Violet and I am a Super Wonder Pig. I was abandoned in Eastern North Carolina with my brother Blue. Debbi Torres and Donna Clendenin saved us and brought us to this special place called Pearl's Preserve. I am still very shy but you can get me to come out of my shell if you have a yummy treat. I love to play and lay under the shade of the fig tree. I hope to meet you one day and hope we will become great friends.

Super Wonder Pig Blue

My name is Blue. And I love to sing (scream), one day I am hoping to have my own rock band. I love hanging out with my sister Violet. She is pretty cool unless you have food- then she will steal it! I love running around and trying to make new friends with all my new pig friends. My sister and I were left in Eastern NC and brought to this cool place by Miss Debbi and Miss Donna. We are so happy to be here. I hope we can jam out soon.

Iggy (The Piggy!)

Hey friends, I am Iggle (Iggy) the Piggle (Piggy) . And I am a very friendly boy. I will be your friend always. My best friend is Herschel...he is also my brother. We hang out all the time and go exploring through the woods. I love building and playing with sticks. I think I may build houses one day! I love snacks - my favorite is corn and oats- what a yummy combination.I can be quite sensitive at times but that is just because I am very thoughtful.I love to write poetry & do crossword puzzles!


Hi guys, My name is Herschel and I am a sweet shy boy - I love my brother Iggy. We go on adventures together and it is so fun. I spend my time exploring new lands and dreaming of new conquests! I really love celery and pretty much any fruit/vegetable. I love my momma Sully...she is the best. She allowed us to go on vacation at Pearl's Preserve. I really love rolling in the mud pit and having mud smoothies!

Misty Roxanne Freehoof

Yo! What is up my friends. The name is Misty and I busted out of the prison of a factory farm and nearly escaped some crazy 4H lady. I will not be your dinner because I am WAAAY too fabulous. And you know what? No animal deserves that! We just want to live. You know what I like to do? I love zoomies, singing all day, eating (boy do I love buffets), and hanging out with my new family. I am really high energy and up for anything at anytime. I think we should go sky diving or rock climbing. :)

Charlie Midnight

My name is Charlie Midnight. Pleasure to meet you. I am the son (and a babe) of Molly and George. I am a tough guy and I am always there to protect my sisters. I have recently discovered this creature they call cats. I have successfully scared them away several times now. I keep strong by staying active- rooting for treasure, exploring the woods and zoom zoom zooming. I have a healthy diet of pig feed , grass and the occasional fruit or fig newton. I am a sweet boy who is the protector!

The Harnett County Girls

Taylor- Hi, I am a shy but beautiful girl who loves my sisters dearly. I am very curious but very independent. Sharon- I love to hang out with my sister Frankie she is amazing . I love to go on adventures. Po(Pig Oink)- Hi, I am a fun girl who loves to eat. Snacking is my favorite past time. I still am very shy but give me a fig newton and I am your girl! Frankie (Francine)- I am a shy sweet girl who hangs with my sister sharon. I love all my sisters. I love to explore and learn new things.


Hey guys, My name is Ernie. And I am a young squirrely guy who loves to get into trouble. I love to cut up with Bert. He is my neighbor and we always have a good time. I can be a little quiet at first but when you get to know me I am a very good friend and loyal guy. I really like favorite are apples and fig newtons! I would love to try some new fruits too! My hobbies include listening to the radio and reading. I hope we get to meet soon and have some really fun times.


Whats up guys? The name is Bert. I am a strong fella who can not wait to meet you. I love talking to my girl Zelda and watching over that guy Ernie...he looks like trouble. I am a professional two stepper and my mom thinks I am just as handsome as ever. My little ears pick up the most sensitive of sounds which always makes me alert. I love strutting my stuff , some may call me a dancer. I am a happy go lucky guy who loves to play practical jokes. I cant wait to meet you real soon.


Aloha! , My name is Che! And I am a spitfire. I am one of the babes as well from mom (Molly) and dad (George). My best friend and sister is BoBo. She is the best. When I get to know you, I love to cuddle and I love being held. I too participate in the fun know as zoomies. I prefer punk rock over classic rock but I love all music. I love belly rubs and yummy you have any fig newtons? Shredded wheat are quite tasty as well! I hope to become quite the chef one day!


Hello darling, my name is Vanna, named after the famous Van Goh. I am also one of the babes from mom (Molly) and dad (George). Obviously you can tell I look just like my papa! I am a robust girl who is very independent. I am a very curious girl by nature so of course I love to study birds, the stars and map making. I love rooting and I may minor in architecture. I always have my pretty face on so I am always ready for company. I love sweet treats and fruit but like a lady I will wait my turn.


Well pleasure to meet you. My name is BoBo and I am one of the remaining babes from my dad (George) and mom (Molly). I am a spunky girl who loves my little sister Che! We are inseparable. I love to do zoomies around the yard and go on adventures exploring in the forest . I love to cuddle and I love blankets. My favorite food I would have to say would be watermelon or fig newtons. My favorite kind of music would be rock and roll because it helps me go fast when i do my zoomies. Rock On!


Hi new friends,My name is ZuZu - which means little pearl in Chinese! I think that is wonderful considering I was saved by Pearl's Preserve! I was saved by a heroic vet named Megan. She helped me heal from a hernia , spayed me and even saved my life. She told me a special new place was going to love me and all my worries would disappear! She is like my fairy godmother. Now I am here & ready to make new friends. I am ready to show the world that I (+all pigs) dont deserve to end up on your plate!

Willie Nelson

Whats up friends?! My name is Willie Nelson and my birthday is on Christmas Day 2014! I am a shy guy who loves to roll in baby pools, mud and water! I love to stay cool, calm and collected. Some of my favorite treats are bananas and carrots. I obviously am a huge fan of music ! I also love to take naps in the shade and take strolls through the grass. I am excited to make new friends! Wont you come stop by, say hi to a little big shy guy? :)


Hello, My name is Delmar and I am almost four ! I came to Pearl's Preserve with my brother Willie Nelson. He is a hoot! I love to eat snacks and I will turn for a treat! Only healthy snacks though please! I am a very sweet guy and I can't wait to meet you. I am also a huge fan of belly rubs! My favorite music is classic rock and country and I love to roll in the mud! Hope to see you soon!

Herman (Hermano/Mano)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Herman. Don't let anyone tell you different ... I AM THE BOSS. I have got style, I have got swagger and baby I'll take you to the moon. I might be small in stature but BIG things come in small packages and I love parkour. I also love hanging out with my new friends at Pearl's Preserve. I like listening to 90's punk and jamming out with my mates. Hope to see you real soon.


Hi , My name is Zelda and I am here with my brother Groot. I am a shy girl who loves food. Dinner time and Breakfast time I am always first in line. I am very vocal and I am hoping one day to go on American Idol. I am also a bit dramatic as well so I may try being an actress. Reese Witherspoon is my favorite- have you seen legally blonde? So hilarious. I love rubs when you get to know me- I'm not as easy as my brother Groot. But when I get to know you we will be very good friends.


Hi , My name is Groot and I am a larger than life guy!! I love making jokes, I am always laughing at myself. Life is meant to be fun! I am such a cuddler , I love hugs and belly rubs...they put be to sleep instantly. I love to run and play . I am a huge fan of snacks and anything tasty. My favorite snacks are any type of melons or fruit. So yummy! I also love making mud pits and scratching on trees- they make the best back scratchers!!! I can not wait to cut up with you and have a great time.


My name is Wilbur...I am all white and I look like a ghost. I am the resident vegetation expert. I like to run taste tests on all the plants . I have a degree in microbiology from Stanford , so you can say I am pretty smart. I love cheerios and playing tag with my friends. My friends tell me I run pretty fast which makes me smile.My favorite kind of music is hair metal- rock on! I love meeting new people and experiencing new foods. Will you bring me some tasty treats (like popsicles!)?


Howdy, the names Reuben "Rude dude". I am very shy...I am very self conscious and consider myself an ugly duckling. My mom and dad tell me I am the most handsome pig in the world- which makes me smile. You can catch me on the weekends power dancing to my favorite eighties pop hits. I love to read and also watch eighties cult flicks. I am a total foodie, my favorite snacks are peaches and any tropical fruit. I love mud holes too. I look forward to becoming friends with you soon!

Minnie Parsnip

Hey Y'all, The names Minnie Parsnip - pleasure to meet you. I was surrendered because my previous owners were not able to care for me. They let me come to Pearls Preserve and I am so happy. During my first week I got a manicure and was able to walk like I have never been able to before! Currently, I am a bit hard of seein' but I'm on a diet to help with that.I love to cuddle, get hugs and sleep. I love comedy shows too- I have a very nice laugh! I can't wait to meet you...just bring snacks :)

Minnie Pearl

Pleasure to meet you, My name is Minnie Pearl but let's keep is casual and cupcakes can call me Pearl. My mom and dad got me from a breeder who said I would stay stupid small ( that was a lie). But they did everything they could...going vegan and even helping start my sanctuary- Pearl's Preserve ... so, I can help other pigs out as much as my parents helped me! My favorite color is pink and some of my favorite foods are cheerios, plain almond butter, oranges and apples.

Jerry Garcia

Dudes and Dudettes, Hi there! My name is Jerry Garcia and I am one groovy dude. I am the first dude in this oasis of babes called Pearl's Preserve. I was sent here to live because my mom wanted me to have a better life. I spend my days digging and rooting for treasure. I know I am getting close man- I can feel it! I love drive-by lovin's , kisses on my snout and belly rubs. My favorite foods are oats, cucumbers and sweet potatoes. I love 70's music and my favorite band is the Grateful Dead.


Hello Friends, My name is Petunia and I am the boss! I was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina while vacationing near Myrtle Beach. Pearl and her pals busted me outta that joint. I enjoy my time sun bathing and dining on the local cuisine. My favorite foods are apples and carrots. I smell like maple syrup and give the best kisses. I also love 80's music and punk music. If you know of any good shows - let a girl know! Hugs and Hooves, -Petunia

Supra Chula

What's up beautiful people?! The names Supra Chula but my friends call me Soupie or Baby Soup for short. I come from the streets of Winston Salem where I was hiding out until I was spotted and had to go to another location until Pearl's Preserve found me! I was in a bit of rough shape after being fed dog food...what is up with that?! But , here at Pearl's Preserve I've been thriving! I may be little but I am fierce. I have no fear and will gladly speak and scream my mind. Snouts Up Suckas!


My name is Kevin, I like to get footloose and dance the night away. I got an underbite with a speckled nose- the ladies love it. But beware, I am a rebel without a cause. If you give me watermelon- I will melt in your hands. I love heavy metal and rock concerts. Catch me in the pit. On my days off I like to nap and construct mud castles. No bowl of water will go untipped over! I love to smile and be happy. I am still discovering new tastes so feel free to bring me some new tasty morsels!


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Hello Friends, My name is Petunia and I am the boss! I was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina while vacationing near Myrtle Beach. Pearl and her pals busted me outta that joint. I enjoy my time sun bathing and dining on the local cuisine. My favorite foods are apples and carrots. I smell like maple syrup and give the best kisses. I also love 80's music and punk music. If you know of any good shows - let a girl know! Hugs and Hooves, -Petunia