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It's as easy as 1...2...3!

All of our residents are available for

sponsorship ($20/month)! Being a sponsor

comes with a lot of perks. This includes annual post cards featuring your favorite resident! Special monthly emails with pictures , stories and fun recipes. Special invites to donor only events... As well as an invitation to the sponsor appreciation lunch every year! Not only that but you will also get 10% off of the sanctuary store Pearl's Post and special rates at the Tattooed Pearl! Being a sponsor allows for the care and comfort of your resident and all of the residents here at Pearl's Preserve. Snouts up! Thank you for your support <3

1. Click your Herd below :

2. Meet our residents and choose your favorite(s)!


3. Select your sponsor pig(s):

You can select multiple pigs, herds , single pigs and choose to pay monthly or annually!

Thoink You!

Help us Save Lives!

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