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Living the dream...

Starting with a girl and her pig and a dream. Minnie Pearl is my best friend and my baby. I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is the one who caused me to open my eyes to compassionate living. Seeing the plight of pigs from a pet and farmed standpoint caused me to put our dreams into action. Sanctuary life is the best medicine I have ever experienced. It may be anxiety provoking but there is never a dull or depressing moment! Come experience some of the magic @ Pearls Preserve. We look forward to becoming good friends soon!​


Give me your tired, give me your weak,

Your frightened masses yearning to be free,

To all whom sanctuary is what you seek,

   Give these beings amnesty,

 Send the innocents to a life they deserve,

We welcome them with compassion, kindness and warmth here at Pearls Preserve.

With Much Love ,

Light and snout kisses,

Miss Lexie and Pearl


Help us Save Lives!

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