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Pearl's Preserve is a 501 ( c) 3 Non-Profit Organization

Our mission is to give sanctuary to pigs and their fine feathered , hooved and pawed

friends. Focusing on the casualties of pet pig breeding, pig agriculture and neglect.


We strive to educate communities on compassionate living, pet-pig education and environmental awareness.




We incorporate and encourage a vegan lifestyle to lessen the environmental impact of animal agriculture, unnecessary animal cruelty, and to promote healthy living.





We are excited to meet you soon and for you- to meet our residents...learn their stories and make the connection for compassionate living!

Minnie Pearl

"Pleasure to meet you,

 My name is Minnie Pearl but let's keep is casual and cupcakes can call me Pearl. My mom and dad got me from a breeder who said I would stay stupid small ( that was a lie)..."


"Hello Friends,

 My name is Petunia and I am the boss! I was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina while vacationing near Myrtle Beach... "


Supra Chula

"What's up beautiful people?!

The names Supra Chula but my friends call me Soupie or Baby Soup for short. I come from the streets of Winston Salem where I was hiding out ..."

"Dudes and Dudettes,

  Hi there! My name is Jerry Garcia and I am one groovy dude. I am the first dude in this oasis of babes called Pearl's Preserve. I was sent here to live ..."

Jerry Garcia

Halifax, Virginia

When visiting we recommend :

* Bringing treats ( such as fruits, veggies + snacks)

for the pigs


* If you're able a monetary donation to help us care for the residents


By Appointment + Weekends

Reserve a Personal Tour

















Events Available:

* Birthdays

*Educational Outreach

*Community Outreach

*Corporate Retreats


*Family Gatherings 















We would be nothing without our amazing group of volunteers. Volunteers are welcome of all ages and abilities. Volunteering can mean anything from pig socialization , transportation assistance, shelter/fence building, special projects, indoor projects , event help and more. Lodging is available for those volunteers who do come from out of town. Please check out our Facebook, as well as the volunteer page to check out some great pictures of past events , future events and more. Thank you so much again to our current volunteers and to our future volunteers we can't wait to work with you !

Help us Save Lives!

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